Educative solutions for personal and professional growth 

The passion that gives life to my work comes from chaotic environments, where Instructional Design becomes the main tool to build tailored educational solutions.

What we love to do!

Instructional Design 

The process that allows the creation of learning experiences: 

We listen StakeHolders needs, look for Subject Matter Experts support, land it with Educational Methodologies, creating target content, so we build
Educative solutions.  

Content Creation

If you don't have the addecuate content for your eLearning, then you have nothing. 

We create the perfect format to support your learning objectives; Videos, Audios, Podcast, Infographics, name it, we know how to do it. 

Assembling in LMS

Experts recommend to have a specific place to do each specific task, this way you build habits better and faster. 

We use different Learning Management Systems to land educational objectives, making an unique digital and educational ecosystem according to your needs.

What makes me different?

My history

My passion is to learn new things. When I found that technology could be the perfect tool to ease learning to everyone, I could not but dedicate myself, body and soul to her. Since then I been focused on creating educational processes, always looking for ways to improve them with a pinch of technology.

My mission

Deliver the best product in the shortest time, allways conecting with people needs and feels.

My Values 

Every single time I get into a new project, my priority always is to make it reflect my values: responsability, equality, and empathy. 

Marcela Torres


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