At this space you'll meet some evidences of my aportations to Herramientas de Mejora. If you want to know more, don't hesitate to communicate with me. 

Main activities:

- Creation of e-Learning content to capacitation purposes 
- Direction at the creation of audiovisual specialized content. 

Pedagogy as a guide

The subsequent images show part of my job working as an Instructional Deisgner with Herramientas de Mejora. 
I really enjoyed to build new e-Learning course from an objective; and be part of all the creative, action and evaluating process of create a new e-Learning tool.

To select an ítem on an e-Learning course is more than just picking one. My job as Instructional Designer is to question wich ítem or tool is the best to achieve the learning objective, take it and adapt it, so you get the best educative resource.

The magic behind an excellent video is a sum of:
- A perfect video script
- Communication between the team 
- And the technology that is going to be used. 
Finaly, an excellent video has good image-audio quality and expresses clear scenarios.

Being part of the recording and directing team for the new digital content was an extremely challenging and rewarding experience. 
My motivator was to deliver to the client what he needs, with a plus not expected. 

Here at Herramientas de Mejora I discover the use of Telepromter, an excelent suppoort tool.

Every company has its own processes. At Herramientas de Mejora we worked with azure. With this program, both Instructional Designer and Graphic Designer could visualize the general idea of the course, and in case of be needed, make corrections easily. 


Por que nos merecemos la oportunidad de crecimiento

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