Let me share with you what I done working with AMCO.


- Pedagogical support for gamified educational resources
- Proposals for educational projects with innovative technologies

Pedagogy as support 

The following images show part of the pedagogical support that I created for the projects in which I had the opportunity to collaborate.

First, I became familiar with the Visible Thinking methodology to identify its essential characteristics and apply them to new scenarios and educational projects.

Meaningful Learning is the perfect tool If you have to create a serious of courses, because the main ideas of this theory are giving the pattern of connection between content and action, thus generating a Learning Path that flows naturally.

Thinking ability is the ability and willingness to develop mental processes that contribute to solving everyday problems.
This processes can be agrouped into two levels of abstraction:
- Basic
- Integrated

Deep learning goes beyond the acquisition and reproduction of knowledge and is linked to a more elaborate level of understanding and the capacity for more complex processing of content.

Learning Paths are by far, my favorite tool. Because you can brake down a big learning objective into a series of small objectives; build microcourses, easy to linked, un-tie, reuse, evaluate and consume.

Design of learning ecosystems 

Today the management of hard, soft and future skills is essential, especially when building digital ecosystems that are competent for the educational needs of the 21st century.

Union of the project needs to a digital platform

Every good educational project deserves a home on internet, and for this, each part of its body and structure must be grounded in the most intuitive way possible.


Because we deserve the opportunity of growing 

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